orange Flash Back to the Fruit Bowl
Into the Storm

Recently replaced intro for Creative Storms. Of note is the JavaScript interaction that allows it to change the HTML page's background color. This ability was used again in the current intro.
Grandfather Clock

Recently replaced main page for Creative Storms. It's a subtle effect, but if you look at the clock, it's actually telling time! That was a bit difficult to get right with the extreme perspective. The clock was originally made in CorelDRAW and imported into Flash. The links have been disabled, as the pages no longer exist.

This "winter" intro applies one of my favorite things to do in Flash: dynamically scripted animation! Every snowflake is randomly generated, and blown by an admittedly rudimentary breeze.

The first intro to Creative Storms, with flashes of lightning and thunder occuring randomly.
Ambition Meets Reality

This was a school project, fulfilling an assignment to make a Flash cartoon. The story is based off a one-panel comic I drew.
Big Brother

A school assignment to make a banner ad. This is for a fictional website, which, by the way, is not affiliated in any way with the actual site of the same name.
Eat Sleep Work

Used as the intro to Creative Storms before "Into the Storm" above, this actually was converted from a school project on animating morphs. The initial medium was pencil on paper.

A simple project that makes a sort of fading trail behind the mouse using the fixed dots on the screen.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't a school project, though it appeared sometime in the middle of the Flash class I was taking. Can't get much with an antenna anymore.

A simple project using scripting to position the hands for a nice smooth (and accurate) effect. This was the predecessor to the Grandfather Clock above.